Public consultation on items to be considered by the PBAC (March 2022)

Closed 27 Jan 2022

Opened 24 Nov 2021


Consultation is now open for items listed on the March 2022 PBAC agenda.

The PBAC welcomes input from patients, carers, health professionals, consumer groups or organisations and members of the public on medicines submitted for PBAC consideration. 

The PBAC considers these public consultation inputs when considering the clinical and economic evidence presented by the applicant.

  • Input can be submitted via the online survey which includes an option to upload a file. 
  • You can save and come back at any time to your response before the consultation close date.

Should you wish to provide input on another medicine, you will need to start a new survey or upload a file with all input.

Please note that we may be updating this survey in the coming months to provide additional guidance and welcome suggestions on ways to further improve this process.

What happens next

PBAC Outcomes are published to inform the public about the PBAC’s advice to the Minister for Health. The documents report the PBAC’s recommendation in each case and summarise the reasons for the advice. 

The PBAC outcomes  are available on the PBS website six (6) weeks after each PBAC meeting and can be found using the Medicine Status Website.

Further explanation of the PBAC outcome is available in the Public Summary Document. Public Summary Documents are available on the PBS website  approximately four (4) months after the PBAC meeting. See the PBAC calendar  for publication dates.


  • Anyone from any background


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