Public consultation on applications to be considered by the MSAC PASC (August 2022)

Closed 8 Jul 2022

Opened 27 May 2022


Consultation is now open for applications that are anticipated to be considered by the PICO Advisory Sub-Committee (PASC) of the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) on 11-12 August 2022.

PASC values consultation input from individuals and organisations with an interest in an application that it is considering, including experience of the medical conditions, services or technologies being addressed by the application.   

It is anticipated that the below-mentioned applications will proceed to PASC in August 2022. Consultation input must be received by no later than Friday, 8 July 2022 for it to be considered by PASC. A consultation survey form is available on the relevant application webpage.

Further information on MSAC’s consultation process is also available on the MSAC website.

Applications scheduled to be considered:

New Applications:

1712 – Out-of-laboratory sleep studies in the diagnosis and management of sleep disordered breathing in children & adolescents

1713 – Cardiac MRI in the diagnosis of myocarditis

1717 – Extravascular implantable cardioverter therapy for patients at risk of ventricular arrhythmia

1719 – Insertion of a bioabsorbable implant for nasal airway obstruction due to lateral wall insufficiency

Update - 17 June 2022:

1710: Newborn bloodspot screening for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy 

Please note that the Consultation closing date for Application 1710 is Friday, 22 July 2022.

What happens next

Once the consultation closes, all submissions received will be compiled and summarised in the draft PICO Confirmation and sets out the proposed parameters upon which the assessment is based.

The PASC meets to discuss the draft PICO Confirmation and the consultation comments that have been received.

Once the PICO Confirmation is ratified by the PASC, the PICO Confirmation is published on the relevant application webpage on the MSAC website.


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