Public consultation on applications to be considered by the MSAC (August 2024)

Closes 14 Jun 2024

Opened 28 Feb 2024


Consultation is now open for applications that are anticipated to be considered by the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) on 1-2 August 2024.  

MSAC values consultation input from individuals and organisations with an interest in an application that it is considering, including experience of the medical conditions, services or technologies being addressed by the application.   

It is anticipated that the below-mentioned applications will proceed to MSAC in June 2024. Consultation input must be received by no later than Friday, 14 June 2024 for it to be considered by MSAC. A consultation survey form is available on the relevant application webpage.

Further information on MSAC’s consultation process is also available on the MSAC website.

Applications scheduled to be considered:


Application 1507.1– Germline BRCA mutation testing in patients with locally advanced or metastatic HER2 negative breast cancer, for access to Olaparib through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Application 1593.1 – Bioinductive implant for the repair of rotator cuff tear

Application 1732.1 – Imlifidase as a desensitisation treatment to enable kidney transplant in highly sensitised adult transplant candidates

New submissions:

Application 1728 - Etranacogene dezaparvovec for the treatment of Haemophilia B

Application 1738 – Two testing options to detect early-stage Alzheimer's Disease, to determine eligibility for PBS subsidised lecanemab treatment

Application 1743 - Optical coherence tomography (OCT) guided coronary stent insertion for patients eligible for coronary revascularisation

Application 1744 – 177Lutetium(nca)-DOTA-octreotate treatment for advanced neuroendocrine tumours and other high somatostatin receptor expressing tumours

Application 1750 - Testing of tumour tissue to detect IDH1 mutations in patients with cholangiocarcinoma to determine eligibility for ivosidenib on the Pharmacutical Benefits Scheme

Application 1771 – Axicabtagene ciloleucel therapy for patients with relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma

1777 – Review of MBS items for clinically indicated gross and histologic examination of placentas in perinatal deaths

1778 – Fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF-23) testing for patients with a high pre-test probability of X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) to determine eligibility for burosumab on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

How to provide input to MSAC

To provide input on any of the applications listed, please click on the relevant application link above this box. This will take you to the relevant MSAC webpage where you will be able to download and complete a consultation survey.

Alternatively, you can provide a separate file with your input to

Guidance on what sort of information to include in your consultation input can be found on the MSAC website. 

Consumers and consumer groups and organisations are welcome to contact the Consumer Evidence and Engagement Unit for questions on current consultations


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