Health Technology Assessment Policy and Methods Review – Consultation 1

Closed 6 Jun 2023

Opened 11 Apr 2023

Published responses

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Consultation 1 is open until 6 June 2023 and is the first in a series of consultations.

Consultation 1 aims to gather evidence or examples in relation to the objectives of the HTA Review, not previously considered through other recent stakeholder consultation relating to HTA.

It seeks to allow a broad range of stakeholders to provide early input into the HTA Review, with a focus on assisting the Reference Committee, as set out in the terms of reference, to identify features of HTA policy and methods, that:

  1. are working effectively
  2. may act as current or future barriers to earliest possible access
  3. may act as current or future barriers to equitable access
  4. detract from person-centredness
  5. may be creating perverse incentives.

Building on feedback already provided by stakeholders on HTA already through other recent consultations (see ‘What we have heard from stakeholders on HTA’), this consultation process will ask, where possible, that stakeholders support their claims with evidence and examples to assist the Reference Committee to:

  • gain a detailed and evidenced understanding of the issues
  • understand options or suggestions for improvements
  • develop well‑informed, implementable, effective, and equitable options for reform.

See the HTA Review terms of reference for further details including areas under consideration by the HTA Review.

How to provide input

Input to Consultation 1 can provided via the online survey or through small-group virtual forums with Reference Committee members. 

After you have filled out the registration details by following the ‘HTA Review Consultation 1 Registration’ link below, you will be able to choose if you would like to submit input through the online survey or through an online forum.

No prioritisation will be given to either style of submission, and no information will be made available through one and not the other.

To focus responses toward areas relevant to the HTA Review, stakeholders will be asked to respond to questions related to the objectives of the HTA Review.

The same questions will be used for both written submissions and virtual forums.

A copy of the questions that will be asked in both the survey and forums can be downloaded below under ‘Related’ to assist your preparation.

Online survey: If you proceed with the online survey:

  • No question will be compulsory, you can choose to provide a response against as many or as few questions as you choose.
  • There is the option to upload a file with your submission. The preferred file types are PDF or Microsoft Word, however other file types will be accepted, provided they are no larger than 25mb. If your file is too large, or you wish to upload more than one file, please contact
  • You can save and come back at any time to your response before the consultation close date.

Virtual Forum: If you elect to provide input through a virtual forum with Reference Committee members:

  • You will be asked to indicate any organisations you represent and topic area/s of your submission.
  • You will then be allocated to a small group of around 6-8 stakeholders who will participate in the same small group forum as you.
  • Stakeholders will be able to nominate a maximum of two representatives to attend the consultation forum.
  • Registration for forums will close 30 April 2023.
  • All forums will be held between 16 May 2023 and 30 May 2023 with invitations sent out one week prior.
  • The forums will last a maximum of 3 hours and will give stakeholders the opportunity to respond to the same questions as the online survey.
  • Submissions will be summarised for inclusion in the consultation report.
  • Note: If the details and examples to be discussed are of a sensitive nature, you can request that you not have other stakeholders in the same forum by sending an email request This will be at the discretion of the Reference Committee.

Documents provided

To assist stakeholder the following documents are provided:

Accessibility Arrangements

The stakeholder consultation will seek to accommodate any social, cultural, economic, and technical (etc) concerns that may be barriers to the stakeholder engagement process. If you need alternative arrangements such as an interpreter, please email the secretariate to make arrangements on:

How will your submission and information be used

  • Your submission and identifying information about you or your organisation will be made available in full to the HTA Review Reference Committee and may be summarised and analysed for review by the Reference Committee
  • Your submission and identifying information about you or your organisation may be made available to an entity conducting analysis of the submissions
  • Your submission and identifying information about you or your organisation will be published on the Department of Health and Aged Care Website and/or the Consultation Hub unless you request that they are not published.
  • Your personal contact details will not be published.  

Privacy notice

Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), and is being collected by the Department, via Citizen Space, for the purposes of conducting a consultation process in relation to the HTA Review. Find out how we manage the personal information we collect about you through the Consultation for the HTA Review.



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