Conversations for Change - Expressions of Interest in joining a Community Conversation

Closed 22 Jan 2023

Opened 8 Nov 2022


The views and experiences of patients (consumers) and their carers on medicines and medical services and products play an important part in informing advice to the Australian Government on what should be provided.

A process called health technology assessment (HTA) is used to inform this advice and includes consideration of the views and experiences of patients and carers.

The Office of Health Technology Assessment’s (OHTA) Consumer Evidence and Engagement Unit (CEEU) is looking at how to improve the way we communicate and engage with, and include, consumers and carers in HTA. This is being informed by a series of consultations being held under the name 'Conversations for Change'.

Conversations for Change Consultation banner

As part of the "Conversations for Change" series, we are planning community consultations for patients, carers and health consumer organisations and support groups with an active interest in HTA.

These virtual community consultations will run for 2 hours with groups of no more than 18 participants. The community consultations aim to further explore different options and approaches to improve communication and engagement, to better support consumers during the HTA process. 

There are two dates available in February 2023.

To submit your expression of interest in attending a virtual community conversation please click the link below.

What happens next

Updates on the Conversations for Change Project will be provided to those that subscribe to the HTA Engage - 'CEEU Work and Project Activities' mailing list.

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